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Lydia Paek reveals the 7th cover project of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”!



Back on Tuesday, July 22nd, it had been reported that artist, producer, and choreographer Lydia Paek would be making the next cover of Taeyang’s recent solo comeback title track, “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Just 24 hours later, YG Entertainment revealed the official black and white music video for her rendition of the song, as the English lyrics portray the song’s emotions from a female perspective.

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Anonymous asked:

What does it mean for a women to submit to her husband? What's the reason for this? Isn't it oppressive in its nature?



What does it mean when we submit to God? Or our parents? Or to authority of any kind?

Submission in the worlds eyes looks a lot like a dictatorship, it seems oppressive because we are so used to having our own way, and when we have to surrender our wants for those of another; it seems like we are being chained down.

When the Bible talks about wives submitting to their husbands, they are not talking about giving up all personal desires. In fact, it means that the husband must now be in charge of protecting and serving his own wife. When we as Christians submit ourselves to God, we are saying “God, I surrender myself to you, use me and change me.” We are sinners, we are prone to wander, but when we submit to God, we are vowing ourselves to His will for our lives.

Oppression comes when the husband, leader, parent, and so on. Stop taking care of those who they are now sworn to care for. When husbands beat their wives, parents neglect their children or leaders abuse their people, it is a wretched and oppressive thing. But when husband help and encourage their wives, giving wisdom and praise to their spouse, or when parents help their children to be better, to love them well, or when leaders help their community or change for the better that which is given to them; then we see the true meaning of submitting to someone.

The world twists what God has called good. We think we can do everything on our own, when it was never meant to be that way.

Marriage is two people helping each other, not one person calling all the shots as if they are a tyrannical dictator.

Marriage is when a man helps a woman, and a woman helps a man, to be more like Christ. And we all fall under the call to submit when it comes to Christ.

So, no, submitting to your spouse is not oppressive, only when we refuse to submit to God does it become evil.

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